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Stratford Youth Charity XLP have unveiled a new art project at Stratford Centre as part of a community competition.

Stratford Centre have recently teamed up with XLP who are based in the Centre and create positive futures for young people growing up on inner-city estates in London, struggling daily with issues such as family breakdown, unemployment and educational failure, and living in areas that experience high levels of anti-social behaviour and gang violence. The Centre set the charity a task of designing a mural that would enliven an empty space in the Centre whilst providing an educational project.

The winning design was voted for by the Centre Manager. Yasmin created an eye-catching piece of artwork that enraptured what Stratford meant to her. The design was made into a huge vinyl and installed in the Centre. The mural is located on South Mall near the customer service desk and provides a great photo opportunity for shoppers.

Tony Peters, Stratford Centre Manager, said: “It has been a great project working with XLP and all the designs were amazing but Yasmin’s really stood out for me. It brightens up the Centre and creates a great photo opportunity. We look forward to working with them further, as they continue to engage with the young people in the local area”