New tech-driven Tariq Halal store in Stratford to revolutionise butchers industry
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New tech-driven Tariq Halal store in Stratford to revolutionise butchers industry

Tariq Halal (#Tariqhalal) is set to launch its unique, state of the art, tech-driven store in Stratford Shopping Centre.

London, 21 April 2021: A leading butcher brand is to launch a next generation store whose data-driven AI promises to deliver a unique supermarket experience in east London.

With state of the art technology, Tariq Halal is set to revolutionise the UK butcher industry with the grand opening of its branch in Stratford Shopping Centre on 16 June.

Gone will be the days of waiting, queueing and barcode-scanning replaced instead by ‘touch technology’ and E-shelf labelling.

The new technology will not only provide customers with a tailor-driven shopping experience based on their personal spending habits, but also the luxury of time to shop at their own leisure.

To meet these objectives, Tariq Halal has invested £250k in importing cutting-edge equipment from tech-savvy countries like Japan, Taiwan and China to develop a shop that is fully interlinked and networked.

The brand will combine specially trained butchers with the introduction of hi-tech scales, terminals, self-serve kiosks and click-and-collect services to bring the butcher’s store into the 21st century.

“This will be just the beginning of a next generation of data-driven AI butchers’ stores utilising the latest technology to provide an unparalleled shopping experience, which we hope will win back the trust of our regular supermarket meat shoppers,” said Tariq Halal partner Shukur Ali.

“More importantly, we will have a system in place, with specifically trained butchers, that maintains the highest standards of hygiene in order to demonstrate just how clean, clinical and immaculate Halal butchers’ shops can be,” he added.

With such data-gathering capability, the store will then be able to acquire the relevant knowledge and understanding needed to provide customers with a fast and convenient service.

In doing so, Tariq Halal will set itself apart from the competition with a site located in unit 47/48 of The Mall that will rival any supermarket in the country.